About Me – Mike Fitzgerald


My name is Mike Fitzgerald; I am in my 30s and I am an accredited mindfulness and compassion teacher. As well as being a mindfulness and compassion teacher, I live with a rare, poorly understood, and progressive health condition. Because of this, it seems I’m somewhat of a pioneer. It has been suggested to me that I should write about the difficulties I face, as others might find how I have worked through these difficulties useful. To this end, as well as posting information about upcoming mindfulness and compassion events/courses in North Lincolnshire where I live, you'll also find a blog on my website. In this blog I talk about how I use mindfulness and compassion to deal with the difficulties, both practical and emotional, that I face. I also write about anything else I think, or feel, is useful or important.

My Experience - I have regularly practised mindfulness meditation since 2012, and I have undergone teacher training with a number of organisations including the Mindfulness Association, Breathworks, The Institute of Consciousness Studies, the Mindfulness in School Project, and others. In 2017, I completed my MSc Studies in Mindfulness with commendation through the University of Aberdeen, and in my final year I researched the relevance of self-compassion for adolescent wellbeing. If you would like to receive updates of upcoming mindfulness and compassion events/courses that I help to deliver in the local area, and/or would like to find out more about mindfulness and compassion in general, please feel free to sign up to my newsletter.