Mindful Life-Coaching

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Mindful Life-Coaching

As well as teaching mindfulness and compassion, I also mindful life-coaching. Mindful life-coaching is a combination of person-centred life-coaching (which I have completed a diploma in) and various mindfulness practices.

If you find you are struggling to manage your life because of stress, busyness, self-criticism, and want to develop greater self-awareness of what may be contributing to these difficulties in your life, cultivate techniques that can help you to centre yourself,  and reduce the impact these difficulties have on you as you move towards what is important in your life, mindful life-coaching is perfect for you.

Coaching sessions range from 30 - 60 minutes, and are a mix of short formal and informal mindfulness practices and learning, and person-centred life-coaching. There is usually a introductory session, where we discuss what you are dealing with in your life, and agree what it is you would want from a mindful life-coaching relationship. During this coaching session, there would be an agreed upon number of coaching sessions moving forward, to see if mindful life-coaching is works for you.

If you would be interested in learning more, and/or having an introductory mindful life-coaching session, please feel free to contact me.